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Over 25 years design experience in Electronic Engineering

Company News

08.10.2021: WEEng is pleased to announce the aquisition of Gleich-Elektronik, from 01.10.2021. We are looking forward to more challenges in serving a new customer base!


01.10.2021: We currently have two open vacancies in our production and R&D departments: Production- and R&D Vacancies.


01.01.2021: WEEng expands: we've increased our workspace by another 2700 sq.ft. to a total of 6900 sq.ft.


24.11.2019: We currently a vacancy in our production department: Production worker.


13.09.2019: We are in preparation for ISO 9001:2015.


31.12.2018: We are on holiday from 31.12.18 to 25.01.19.


01.02.2016: WEEng invests in a fully automatic washing machine. The SuperSwash provides the ultimate in cleaning performance by providing a spray cleaning closed-loop process with hot-air knife drying and zero drainage. Ideal for small and medium volume manufacturing.


07.10.2013: We now offer an extra service to test your assembled boards after production. This service is especially suitable for one-off prototypes and small-series boards. For further information click here: Manufacturing->Test


09.01.2013: We currently have a vacancy in our production department. If you already have experience with SMD- and through-hole assembly, then we look foward to hearing from you. Further information under About Us > Career/Jobs


07.01.2013: Our practical WEEngits SMD-Sample-Kits incl. A4 ring folder. A "must have" for every lab! Resistors in 0402, 0603 or 0805. Capacitors in 0603 or 0805. From €79,90 excl. VAT and P&P. From design engineers for design engineers! Order yours now!



10.09.2011: Visit us at the Productronica in Munich on 15-18 November 2011. We`ll be delighted to send you your free entrance ticket, worth € 32.



14.05.2011: We are now offering a new service in PCB-rework and component recycling - see Manufacturing -> Assembly Repair for more details.


08.01.2011: Our relocation from Saarland to Bavaria is complete! We will be at your service from 10.01.2011.


23.10.2010: We are pleased to be the official development partner for the new "MediCbus" project in cooperation with Hippokratec GmbH.


10.07.2010:  We will be relocating into larger premises at the end of the year, returning back to Bavaria. This move will allow for further expansion of our manufacturing facilities. To this end, we also need to fill a vacancy in the manufacturing department. If you wish to apply see About Us -> Jobs for more details.


Company Design Activities

Development Agriculture:

Electronic schematic design, PCB consultation, Worst-case design calculations, Prototype testing and documentation.


Automotive Inverter: schematic design, PCB layout and Prototype assembly for a 600V 900A 3-phase IGBT driver module.


Automotive Invention: our design activities have led to a US patent being granted to our customer for a "Device for Protecting an Electrical Consumer against Voltage Spikes in a Motor Vehicle"


Temperature measurements

under a simulated environment ranging from -40°C to +130°C.

A commonplace task required for many high-power assemblies.


EMC measurements in third-party or customer on-site laboratories accompany us in many designs. Circuit changes and optimisations can be immediately undertaken in order to meet stringent emission and susceptibility requirements.


Development Tool: PC software for the KMA200 Programmable Angle Sensor. All registers can be easily read or written, with the measured angle being updated periodically. The hardware is connected to the RS232 serial interface.


Development Industrial Controller: electronics, multi-layer PCB and firmware (in C): 8-bit microcontroller, CPLD digial logic for quadrature and keypad decoders, 3x analog interpolation devices, several LED display decoders and electromechanical relays.


Development Automotive: electronics and multi-layer PCB: 16-bit microcontroller, a high-speed CAN interface, analog temperature sensors, several high-side power switches (>40A) and a DC/DC switch-mode power supply (boost topology).


Development Lamp Module:

6 high-powered LEDs mounted on a 1.5mm thick aluminium-based copper PCB for optimised heat dissipation.


Development Automotive:

3-phase BLDC motor power stages, current sensors and bus communication interfaces (LIN, CAN and Flexray).


Development Tool: PC software used as a debugging tool. All commands of a product can be transmitted or recevied via the USB or Ethernet interfaces, in order to control/read device features, for example: relays, LEDs, motors, CPU-status, etc.


Development Lab-Instrument: electronics and firmware (in C):

32-bit microcontroller, USB, Ethernet and 4x RS-232 interfaces, several digital inputs/outputs, 8x analog inputs (+/-10V) and a front panel display consisting of over 96 LEDs.


Development PCB Adaptor: 13x16mm PCB for footprint QFN32 to TSSOP24 due to obsolete IC. Double sided SMD-assembly. An inexpensive and time-saving solution.  


Development Lab-Instrument:

electronics and firmware (in C):

32-bit microcontroller, USB, 3x USB-hub and ethernet interfaces, a power module for peltier cooling elements, several memory-card readers and an interface for a motorised valve controller.


Development In-Circuit Tester:

an automatic in-circuit functionality tester of 32-bit motorboard assemblies with an ICSP interface to perform firmware downloads into flash memory.


Development Prototye: 8-bit PIC microcontroller written 100% in assembly language, a speech recorder IC, DCF77 radio clock and a 1W audio amplifier.


Development Tool: PC software for two AD9851 180MHz synthesizers. A DDS quadrature oscillator with programmble frequency and phase registers. The hardware is controlled using the parallel (LPT1) or USB interface.


Development Re-design: schematic, PCB-layout changes and testing of a high-powered assembly due to component obsolescene.  

Wilson Electronic Engineering

We offer expertise in the field of electronic system engineering, working very closely with our clients on developing and manufacturing effective customer-specific solutions.

Our clients are involved in a wide range of industrial environments including: automotive engineering, bio-technology, medical technology, optics and industrial controls.

Our engineering design services have resulted in products with quantities ranging from single "proof-of-concept" prototypes to series production of over 250,000 pieces per year.


To discuss your requirements simply contact us per Email, by phone or arrange a personal meeting. We look forward to hearing from you!