Contract Manufacturing Services for Electronic Assemblies

Over 25 years design experience in Electronic Engineering


Our design and engineering expertise is at your disposal from the initial product design concept, through to the re-design of existing assemblies.


Design Services Flyer (PDF, 180 KB)

We design and develop in an anti-static ESD-environment (German PDF, 1448 KB)


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Electronic Development
8-/16-/32-bit microcontrollers
Analog, digital, mixed-signal circuitry
Climatic testing (-40°C to +130°C)
EMC-compliance testing

Our experience includes:
Circuit design, -dimensioning, -worst case analysis, -simulations, -design reviews
68332, PIC12/16/18, ST7, COP8, LPC2106 (ARM7), M16C microcontrollers
Embedded USB, USB-hub, Ethernet controller interfaces, MR-angle sensors
Mixed-signal components (ADC, DAC, Discrete, Opamps, SMPS Buck, Boost)
I2C (SMBus), (Q)SPI, Dallas 1-wire bus hardware
LIN-, CAN-, FlexRay bus transceiver hardware
Motor control (stepper-, brush DC-, 3-phase BLDC motors)
EMC compliance testing, supervision and evaluation
Firmware Development
8-/16-/32-bit microcontrollers
C / assembly languages
Modular structured design
Maintainable documented source codes

Our experience includes:
USB controller driver, enumeration and slave communication
Integration of COTS TCP/IP stack and ethernet controller driver
I2C (SMBus), (Q)SPI, Microwire, Dallas 1-wire, UART device code
Porting of firmware between microcontroller architechtures
Bootloader implementation using non-volatile Flash memory
Various PIC12/16/18, ST7, COP8 microcontroller C and assembly code
Various 68332 (CPU32), LPC1206 (ARM7) C source code
Printed Circuit Board Layout

Single, double, multi-layer boards (AL-based, FR2, FR4 high Tg 170°C)
SMD and THD components
EMC-conform placement / layout
CAM file generation and third-party PCB fabrication

Our experience includes:
Mixed routing (through-hole / SMD fine-pitch)
Power, analog, digital segregation for reduced EMI

Impedance-controlled traces for HF-signals
Testpoints for rapid test, maintainance / repair

Protel99SE, Altium Designer CAD and several Gerber  viewers

Prototype Assembly
SMD- and THD-Assembly
RoHS/Lead-free Soldering
Prototypes and small series run
Material procurement (components, PCBs, stencils, solder paste, etc)

Our experience includes:
electrical functionality tests after board assembly
PCB panelization for optimum costs/performance
Microcontroller-, Flash memory-, PLD- and FPGA-Programming
Assembly Re-design
Replacement for obsolete original parts
Cost effective adaptor PCBs
Re-designs from a schematic, a PCB or product

Our experience includes:
adaptor PCBs for obsolete (THD) components
Reproducing a controller board 1:1  incl. mech. dimensions.

Redesigning a product consisitng of 4 THD PCBs to a single SMD PCB incl. complete functional software